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cyanotype photogram by Samantha Sethi

These cyanotype photograms are produced using one of the oldest forms of photography, in which an object is placed on light sensitive paper and exposed to sunlight to produce a physical record or image of a three dimensional object. The areas exposed to sunlight turn blue, while the shadows cast by the object on the paper remain white. These prints are part of a series of works produced as a rumination on the lives of materials, prompted by the artist’s attempt to understand and reconcile the disparate frames of time in which objects and our experiences with them exist. The convenience-driven plastics that pass through our lives – though some facilitate levels of technology and sanitation that radically improve our lives – might used only once, but may persist in the world for hundreds of years. Some of these photograms are then scanned and printed larger than human scale in order to shift our relationship to these familiar and often invisible objects.